17 February 2010

Global Warming...

Everywhere you turn these days, you can't help but hear the arguments about "global warming".

Are the concerns real? I have no idea. I'm no scientist, and I've heard pretty convincing arguments on both sides -- and some pretty convincing refutations, too.

I wish I could laugh at it all, because it strikes me as so ridiculous.

I keep hearing in all this debate, a family living in level two squalour, arguing about the mess.

On the one hand, you have the Chicken Little's running around yelling that the floor is going to cave in. And on the other, you have the Ostriches arguing "No, the floor is fine!" -- as though if the floor is OK, that's all that matters.

What if it's true that the creaking we hear is just the normal settling of the house and there is actually no danger of the house collapsing into the basement?

Does that make it OK to live in filth and squalor? What about the effects of that filth on our health? More important, on our children's health?!?!?

So, never mind global warming, let's clean up because it's the right way to live!

I wish I could laugh, but I can't it's too sad to see what we are becoming.


  1. Hey Misti, did Jack get a haircut?! Seems like that in the 1st photo! :)


  2. Hi, Steph! Nope, that's just what fell out of his braid. He's still our little wild man! :) (If he ever wants it cut, we'd cut it short -- otherwise, what would be the point? ;)

  3. Cool! :) Good to know he's still a longhair. He looks cute that way! ;) His pic in the red hen post is really sweet! Hair in a bun?


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