27 February 2010

A quote from Crones Don't Whine by Jean Bolen

"Life has taught me that I don't know what best outcome is for anyone
really. Tough times may lie ahead for someone we care deeply about if
he or she continues in a particular direction, as we, with our
experience, can see."

"But a change in direction will have unforeseen consequences, as well.
Either choice may lead to a make or break crisis. Knowing that each
person has his or her own fate and destiny, particular lessons to learn,
and personal myth to live out, and that we cannot control or even know
the full potential of what lies ahead."

"I've come to the conclusion that in such circumstances <i>Speak Your
Truth</i> and <i>Pray for the best Outcome</i> is the very best we can do."


  1. I like that. It meshes well with my own fervent belief that different things are right for different people, and that the best person to choose what's right for a person is that person him or herself.

  2. Yeah, she sums it up pretty well, doesn't she? I love that book.


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