24 July 2010

The countdown ...

The countdown begins!

Laundry detergent made, dishes washed, kitchen floor mopped....tomorrow, the parlour and the guest room need to be cleaned. And the farmers market. And finishing Corey's birthday present! And make TJ's birthday card...and, and..

So much to do!
Corey, my beloved middle son, arrives Monday for his first visit in ten years! I am so excited! And I have heaps of cleaning to do, since just, uh, went camping! ;)

So I might, maybe, get quiet again -- though I will try to post every so often. (I have two posts half written...surely I can find time to finish one of them...)

Corey will be here for two weeks, so if I get really quiet, look back for me the second week of August.

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  1. Hi Corey! Long time no see!

    How does it so quickly get to be ten years?


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