28 July 2010

Mystery Vegetable

This year, I planted zucchini and butternut squash. We ave had a very few zucchini, and lots of lots of butternut.

And then, there's the mystery vegetable.


Mystery vegetable

Baby zucchini


  1. Hm. I went to images.google.com and typed in first "baby butternut squash" and then I tried "immature butternut squash". There were a few pictures that looked vaguely like the mystery vegetable. So I'm still voting that it's most likely an immature butternut squash and that the best thing to do is to leave it on the vine and see what happens.

    (But I'm no expert -- I am just guessing here.)

    Please do let us know what it turns out to be? You've got me curious!

  2. Thanks for the input, Valerie. I think we will leave it and see what happens. We'll harvest it with the rest of the butternuts when they're ready, and we'll let you know..

  3. Zuccinut hybrid! Or a really confused watermelon.

  4. Decided I like zuccernut better. :)

    Best guess is that it is a mixture. That happens sometimes with related things, but I am not sure that squash and zucchini are related.

  5. Its actually a hybrid vegetable, this apparently happens when the flowers are close by, so its a zuccersquash, or a squaccini... it may be edible if not particularly appetizing from what nerida tells me.....

  6. Oh ho! We have a similar thing going on where some pumpkins and winter squash got all mixed up together. We have round pumpkins (green turning to orange) and butternut-shaped white ones (we grew an heirloom whose name escapes me but it's similar to butternut). AND we have some white, round, like a pumpkin ones. Should be interesting to see what they taste like.


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