05 July 2010

Empty nest ...

And then there was one...
And that one ventured forth... (the nest is just above and behind her)
Leaving an empty nest.
It was quite funny when Dad Robin stopped in a few minutes later with a beak full of breakfast to find the nest empty. He was quite confused and hopped around in the bush for a few minutes and then flwe to the roof of the garage to scout the area.

A few minutes later we heard the familiar peeping of a hungry baby from the privet hedge across the drive way and Rod went out and observed a parent/child lecture wit much peeping from baby and much melodic response from "Mamma" Robin -- and our daily nature study of the life and growth of robins is complete.

Fortunately, the rose of sharon has bloomed and our lonely front window will soon be filled with hummingbirds stopping by for breakfast.

Life is, indeed, good.

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