20 July 2010

Guess where we've been!

We went to a lovely family reunion up in the Adirondack Park in New York.
On the way, we stopped in Syracuse to visit with my old college buddy, Rich, and his lovely lady, Glenna. Then we stopped in Niagara Falls and had a bit of an explore...and then we headed north.

We're home after almost a week, happy and exhausted.

We took turns reading Curse of the Titans, and we've decided that Percy Jackson is a hero in wys he never even new! He saved us from boredom on a pair of two day trips separated by only two days. That's pretty good. ;)

I'll post more when I am coherent again. Night all!
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  1. Oh cool! When you stopped posting for a while and you had mentioned that you would be traveling, I wondered if that's where you were.

    That is an amazing photo!

    I just finished the fourth Percy Jackson book. I've been really enjoying them. I'm glad you are too!

  2. Yeah, I had intended to keep posting all week -- but I found out that The North Country doesn't have the connectivity I have come to expect. ;) (And timing meant that even at hotels with free WIFI, we just dropped in to the bed, got up, showered and left. No time.

    Glad you like the picture. Me, too! I have better ones but the falls, while beautiful, are less clear.

    We are almost done with book 3 -- we read them aloud as a family (we're each reading to the family - Rod is reading Journey to the Center of the Earth, I am reading Follow my Leader, and Jack is reading Percy for us. We getting through Titans fastest, though.


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