15 July 2010

Garden Update

The vegetable season has really begun for us! We have been arvesting greens for week, but we just got opur first zucchini and our first cucumber. Both are absolutelt delicious -- but they didn't linger long enoug for me to comment on how good they might have been at staying fresh.

The tomatoes plants are now taller than I am, and heavy with fruit. We have lots of baby butternut squash, a couple of baby bell peppers, an eggplant, some beans and peas, a lot of watermelon flowers...

Even better, it's supposed to rain much of the next week -- which always a great thing for the garden and likely to spur the plants on to even greater things! I think we're going to have a groaning board by 10 days from now. That's excellent news, since that's about how long it is until Corey arrives.

I have had some disappointing brix readings so far. The food and plants look good, thoug there are a few blemishes

I am about to start experiments to see if individual nutrients can raise those. I did some research, and the volunteers in my main beds (lambs quarters and chicory, mostly) suggest a rich but possibly calcium deficient (or magnesoin bound) soil that might be a little low on potassium.

I'll start there with foliar calcium and then after I see what that does for a few days, I'll add potassium.

Oh, and the tree in the picture? That's the tree the baby robins just vacated -- it has a regular parade of hummingbirds these days. :)
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  1. Are things okay? Your blog seems unusually quiet for the last few days.

  2. I'm cleaning off my bookshelves and have a book I thought you might be interested. Van Loon's Geography, The Story of the World by Hendrik van Loon. It's a hardback, published in 1940 (before ISBNs or I'd send you a link)with over 500 pages. If you're interested, or know someone else who is, it's free, I just need an address to send it to. :)
    emily DOT delaney AT gmail DOT com


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