05 September 2010

Ahhh, sandwiches!!!

We went to Red Pepper Deli in Nortville again yesterday with John. I LOVE that place!
This time I tried the pizza.

It was really good, but what impressed me the most was the crust. Being not only gluten free, but grain free, I find that some foods are just hard to replace.

Specifically: easy snacks.

No grains means that bread and crackers are tough to replace, and bread and crackers are the basis of many, many quick and easy, light meals - PB&J, cheese and crackers, pizza, toast and jam with my bacon and eggs...

With our current foods, everything seems to require cooking and some days that just isn't easy to manage.

I was never a huge fan of sandwiches, though I really liked good ones pretty well. It's just that bad sandwiches in yucky bread are so much more common than good sandwiches! But after a year with them not being an option, well...I have been missing the ease of them.

We found some commercial raw crackers that are really good, but at $7 for a small handful, not a real option most of the time.

We have a recipe for almond bread, and it's very good when it works, but it's kind of finicky. I have had to throw more than one loaf to the squirrels and birds. (Have I mentioned that I don't bake well? That's Rod's thing. But he and Jack can eat commercial gluten-free breads, so the urgency isn't there for him. ;) )

The RPD seed bread tastes good, so we bought five slices to bring home for experiments. I made a cheese sandwich with mustard and it was marvelous!

So, now to find a recipe. ;)

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