06 September 2010

Yesterday, we canned tomatoes.

The exciting part? We canned only with tomatoes from our own garden!

This year, we actually had enough tomatoes to put some by. Not in the quantities we used to, but we no longer use tat many tomatoes, so it works out.

I never really imagined that I would be able to do this -- grown my own food in quantities enough to put by.
Oh, I LOVE my life!

We got plenty of tomatoes this year, and plenty of greens. I'm disappointed with the quantities of squashes and other things, though. I'll have to work on why they were so puny this year.

(I am also pondering some winter planting this fall to save time in the spring. I definitely want to put down amendments this fall, if we can pull it off. That would save a huge amount of time in the spring!

Today, I am starting on winter holiday cards.

Nerida will bring Connor over and since it's been raining and Rod is too sick to watch the boys, I suspect that one card and a couple of ideas is as much as I can hope for -- but it's a start. We have weeks yet -- and my list isn't finalized, so a few ideas is really all we need so far.

Now, to finish the butternut pudding and get the card materials before Nerida and Connor arrive. ;)


  1. I'd love to see the recipe for butternut pudding.

    Have you seen the new hydroponics store in the little shopping center at Stone School and Ellsworth? They have a ton of equipment and supplies for growing veggies indoors in the wintertime. I am sooooo tempted! I've been thinking since last year about growing strawberries and chard indoors in the winter. I think I might do it!

  2. I should add that the hydroponics store had bags of potting soil that sounded a lot like a mixture of the amendments that *you* add in your garden. I think you might well approve of it. :)

  3. Hey, Valerie! I just posted the pudding recipe. We eat dairy, so you might want to just make up your own pumpkin pie filling recipe using butternut instead of pumpkin and then put it in a casserole dish instead of a pie crust. ;)

    I haven't seen the hydroponics store in Ann Arbor, yet, but I know how I drool when we visit out hydroponic shop in Livonia. Problem is, we wouldn't be able to keep the plans warm enough in winter, I think. :( I may have to visit the A2 shop to check out their soil mix, though. ;)


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