05 September 2010


As a part of our prep for the next unit, we have been discussing that it is necessary for us to get more organized and to get some school done every day if we are to finish this unit within the six months we hope to. Also, I want to take a much bigger role in the learning than I have so far .. .I feel like I'm missing out!

Jack says he wants to homeschool the way President Obama did. He wants to get up at 4:30 am to study before the day starts.

We compromised. I'll get up at 6 to do my chores, then I'll wake him at 7 to study for an hour before I go to work.

It sounds like a great idea, when you're well rested. But Jack rarely gets up before 10am now.

We'll see how long this lasts.

Still, it's good to emulate one's heroes. :p


  1. I hadn't heard about President Obama homeschooling. Could you say a little more about that? I'm not sure whether he is homeschooling his kids, or whether he was homeschooled as a child, or what.


  2. President Obama didn't homeschool in the way we do, Valerie. But when he was growing up in Indonesia, his mother was determined that he get an education in things he would need to know in America (English, history, civics, etc) and so she got up with him at 4:30 every morning before she went to work and "homeschooled" him in the subjects he wouldn't get in the Indonesian public schools. He made reference to it in his address to school children in September 2008.


  3. His kids go to a Washington private school.


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