03 September 2010

Planning and preparing: Ancient Greece, here we come!

We took several weeks off school at the end of the ancient Egypt unit to play Patrician (courtesy of big brother Corey), read everything in sight, and generally relax.

There would have been more outdoor play, except that for much of the vacation, Rod has been sick with a particularly bad viral infection.

We'll try to get Jack out to play this weekend so he can run off some of the energy that he's accumulated "being a good boy" while Dad rests. I know that's been hard on him, and while Rod is slowly recovering, I don't think he's going to be up to any real adventures for a couple of weeks yet. Fortunately, we have a long weekend ahead.

Anyway, I am gathering up our materials, making checklists, making Greek language flash cards, marking relevent pages, and downloading the free books we'll use.

We'll be taking a first look at Greek this unit. We're using the Greek words from English from the Roots Up.

We'll be starting our nutrition indoc, er EDUCATION with a look at Michael Pollan's Omnivore's Dilemma We don't agree with everything Pollan has to say, but it's better than the USDA's food pyramid! Once it'a available, we'll move on to Real Food Nutrition & Health For Kids by Kristen Michaelis.

In the What your First Gader Should Know, Jack came across a very brief catalog of Abrahamic faiths and he was intrigued. He asked to learn more about World Religions, so we'll do that this unit.

We'll continue with Math and Science, of course, but those are Rod's babies so I am far less familiar with them. We'll continue with herbology, and we've stepped up our astrology studies. This time, Jack will be making "posters" of each sign. Next time, houses, then planets. ;)

I still hope to get at least the checklists of what we've done and are doing up ... but that requires that Rod be both healthy and not too busy to help. I'll let you know when we get there, because I know we've had hits on them.

More soon, I hope -- but we have lots to do. Tomatoes are getting away from us! Time to can again!

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