07 September 2010

Not back to school week

This the official beginning of our "Not Back to School" week. I will woke at six to finish our checklist (and of course discovered several topics I forgot to include after I had all nine pages printed.) at seven, Jack and I started our studies -- he chose "You wouldn't want to be a Greek Athlete". I really don't really understand the appeal of those books, but he enjoys them, and they do have some simple information to get us started.

I'm was not expecting a lot at that hour, but it was his idea, so we gave it a go. :p It was hard to get him on his feet, but once he was awake enough to remember the plan, he was determined to get to it.

Once he got started, he did well. He read to me and seemed to be enjoying himself -- but when the school bus went by, he was stunned. He couldn't believe how early school kids had to be up and at it every morning!

Now, schools out for me until this evening when we will colour in the next part of the mini-timeline and we'll hand the Ancient Greece poster and put up some pictures on the big timeline.

I'm hitting the showers.

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