22 September 2010

Some days you know it's going the way you'd hoped.

As you may remember, we've been trying to get up early to get some schooling in before I go to work. It's hasn't happened every morning -- 7am is VERY early for our scholar -- but it happens enoug to make a big difference in our progress.
This morning, Jack was rather cheerful about getting up to study. But e dawdled nonetheless, and he used half of the hour we had available getting dressed and singing morning songs.

The we sat down and read a bit from The Story of Art. Fascinating -- but we had to set the author straight every few paragraphs about his dubious views of magic.

Anyway, after the first chapter, I closed the book and stood up to hit the shower.

Jack was shocked!

"What? Are we done already? But I wasn't finished yet!"

Want to bet he hits the books more promptly tomorrow?

I am one happy mamma.


  1. I am curious what you were making with the gorgeous blenderful in the photo.

  2. Hey, Valerie! That was the beginning of a smoothie. The frozen bananas, berries, and peaches are in the bottom, hidden but frosting the pitcher. :)

  3. Oh to be young again!


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