19 November 2010

Another mystery solved ...

Another mystery solved. I had been pretty dissatisfied with my holiday cards this year. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but they cards just seems to lack ... something.
Then last night, I happened upon some pre-made packages of cards and it dawned on me...the paper I had bought to make my own cards this year (after three packages in a row of which I paid for 8 cards and got 6) was much, much lighter weight than I am accustomed to.

What they lack this year is...substance! Literally.

Now I just have to figure out where I can buy the heavier weight paper in bulk. ;)

Oh, and in case anyone was under the impression that we are staid and boring...tonight's cooking adventure was briefly side-tracked by the largest head of cabbage we've seen in a long time, and we took evid, er, mementos.

I really don't understand hopw people can not like cooking -- it's crazy fun! :p


  1. Ha Ha Ha! Love the photos!
    BTW, the photos of you and Rod - you two look s much better - happy, healthy, comfortable - than you did years ago. Whatever you have been doing, has been working on the outside as well as the inside :)

  2. Thanks, E. Yep, we feel so much better -- younger, stronger, and healthier than we did. *I* thought it showed on our faces, and it's nice to have that verified more objectively. ;)


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