14 November 2010

Smiffy's breakfast eggnog

It's cold again, and around here, that frequently means' eggnog for breakfast. Not the kind you get in a carton in the grocery store -- that's yummy, but not very healthy. We make out own raw eggnog once a week or so. It's easy, it's yummy, and it really sticks with us.

And it's raw -- in our world, raw foods are a good thing.

This serves three of us, 2 cups each.

6 raw egg yolks from pastured hens (I truly wouldn't use grocery store eggs for this. That's dangerous.)
2-3 ounces of raw honey
1 pint whole raw milk
1 cup raw heavy cream
1/2 nutmeg (freshly grated if your using a blender)
1 inch of vanilla bean (freshly grated if your using a blender)
6 raw egg whites from pastured hens

In a vita-mix or blender, whip the egg yolks until they lighten in color.

Add the honey and continue to beat until completely blended.

Add the milk, cream, nutmeg and vanilla.

Whip some more.

When the spices are completely pulverized and mixed in, add the egg whites.

When they're completely incorporated, serve.

If you can't get pastured eggs, here's a recipe for cooked eggnog.

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