27 November 2010

Getting out of the card making business...

Mmmm, looks like I'm getting out of the card making business.

Last night, Jack was asking about when he learned to run and when he learned to walk. I explained that, like most children, he learned to run pretty much at the same time as he learned to walk -- but that actually, for a while, he mostly "danced".

Then I remembered that I had scrapped "Dancin' Man Jack" the autumn he learned to walk. We went and found that page and then Jack poured over all the rest of the scrapbooks.

When he was done, he wondered why the pages were all of him as a baby and none were of him as a big kid. I explained that when Grandpa John had to stop scrapbooking with me, I had started not to make time for crafting -- and then I had been so busy making cards that I hadn't had time to scrap in a couple of years.

He wants me to go back to recording The History of Jack and he says that he'll work with me so that I can be sure to make the time. :)


  1. Mmm. Well- you do have Chez Smiffy.

    Certainly my preferred way of scrapbooking!!

  2. I've enjoyed your cards, but I think scrapbooking about Jack *is* more important, and I'd happily give up my cards in favor of more Jack scrapbooks.


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