14 November 2010

Mystery solved

All week, I have been mystified.

I have aching as though I'd been poisoned by wheat or corn, but I couldn't figure out why -- we'd had only home cooked food all week. Come to find out, I did it to myself.

I made ground nut stew on Sunday, and as usual I used Planters peanuts on top. As always, I made enough to last all week and I've been eating every day for lunch. Who knew that Planters peanuts have corn starch,corn syrup,and MSG on them? I didn't, I thought they were just nuts. I even read the ingredient list at the store -- unfortunately I read them in my old glasses. I saw "Contains peanuts" in bold and thought I was safe. Turns out that was the allergy notice. :( In my new glasses, the ingredient list is clear.

Best we roast our own peanuts and almonds from now on, I think. Needless to say, the last of the ground nut stew belongs to Rod and Jack.

Corn is a major pain in the butt. It's hiding everywhere. Rod has a much more severe reaction to wheat than I have to corn, but he has managed to go most of a year and a half without being inadvertently glutened.

People are starting to understand about celiac and most things are pretty clearly labeled these days - at least clearly enough for Rod's level of sensitivity. I know some people are sensitive to a whole lot less than it takes to make Rod sick. But corn has so many secret hiding places that I get "poisoned" about once every couple of weeks.

I'm frustrated and sick of hurting.
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