27 November 2010

Yep, he's closing in on eight all right

My impression of eight years old is that is when the analyst awakes.

If that's the case then Jack is nearing eight for sure.

Last weekend, I was trying to get Jack moving so we could pick up a few groceries we couldn't get through the week without. I wanted to get them before we picked Rod up from church but I simply could not get Jack moving. I muttered about having no idea how Rod gets him moving in the morning.

Jack was quiet for a few minutes and then he explained.

"Well, you have the loudest voice in the family, but Dad loses his patience faster."

Hmmm. Yup, the analyst awakes. (And, again, Mamma is going top spend several years blushing.)


  1. At least you only hold one of the titles!! I'm pretty sure I hold both.


  2. Oh, I'm quite sure I had a strong hold on both titles when I was the at home parent! My poor older kids had to deal with a short tempered harridan sometimes. (My hypothyroid wasn't treated yet, either, so on top of all the usual frustration, I had zero energy.)

    I just keep reminding myself that kids were meant to be raised by humans, so as long as we're doing our best, they'll be OK. ;)


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