23 November 2010


The web is all about thankfulness and gratitude this week.

And so it should be. I was hoping to add my own voice to the chorus, because truly I am grateful for all that I have -- a wonderful family, good friends, and the life I've always dreamed of. I have so much to be grateful for.

And I try to practice gratitude many times per day, so that Thanksgiving become the crescendo to a year long melody.

But this year, I have embarked on the Iodine protocol. Having read that women who take thyroid medication are far more likely to develop breast cancer than the average, I started to investigate.

Then my friend Linda mentioned that she was on the iodine protocol for her thyroid.

And then my friend Sue mentioned that she was on the iodine protocol.

The more I investigated, the better idea it sounded. I brought it up with my doctor, and he agreed that I am an excellent candidate. For one thing, thyroid problems are the first signal that one isn't receiving enough iodine in one's diet.

For another, I have a HUGE goiter. It's hidden somewhat by the structure of my face, but it's really obvious on examination.

So...I've been on iodine therapy for a couple of weeks. That's a good thing in the long run, but iodine pushes bromine out of out body -- also a good thing in the long run. But pushing toxins out does mean that they're active in our systems for a bit until we can get rid of them.

I don't feel very inspired. I have a lot of symptoms of bromine toxicity that are bearable, but they have my head in a fog.

So...I have much to be grateful for. I am grateful. Maybe I can tell you why tomorrow. ;)


  1. It's soooo hard when you have to be in the thick of it before getting better!
    Any kind of deep work - massage, spiritual seeking... whatever.
    Mucho crap comes up before the healing takes place.

    Many blessings and much Love to you, Misti.

  2. You're so right, Stephanie. It's hard going through "a lot worse" before you get to the "better". Having been through it a n umber of times over the last ha;f century plus, I find it easier than I did when I was younger...mainly, I think, because experience has taught me how much better "better" is.

    Thank you so much for the blessings and love, my friend. They make it much easier, too. :)

  3. May I ask you a couple of questions:
    Does your goiter causes you to have shortness of breath if you raise both arms above your shoulders?
    If you fully extend your neck does your goiter become more prominent?
    Thank you

  4. Chez Smiffy,

    I stumbled on your wonderful blog and wanted to chime in that I too am on the Iodine Protocol. I found the unrefined salt water protocol very helpful when the bromide detox makes me sluggish.
    Also, stopping Iodine for two days every once in a while is helpful to flush bromide from the kidneys.

  5. Thyroid patient, my goiter doesn't cause me shortness of breath when I raise my arms, but it is very uncomfortable to have any kind of pressure on it. Yours may be angled so that it tips inward toward your air passages, while mine may tip out, so that it is made very uncomfortable by pressure from outside.

    Anonymous, thank you so much for the tips. I'm going to try the salt water protocol this weekend. I was hoping to avoid the pulse treatment, since I have a memory like a sieve and 48 hours is as likely as not to turn into 48 days. But, if salt doesn't work... ;)


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