13 March 2011

Getting in a gardening groove

The seeds should have been ordered weeks ago, but they weren't, so in amongst everything else this weekend, we're selecting seeds and poutting together our soil amendments order.

We're taking a slightly different approach this year. We're rearranging the beds again, and now that Rod sees the point to the amendments, we're going to try to do our best by all of the beds rather than having one or two brought up to my standards and the rest getting just a taste of nutrients. Fortunately, many of the nutrients don't need to be applied every year, so I can focus on the weakest beds and just add the every year stuff the the older, better nourished beds.

Valerie, you had asked about what we were using, so I figured I'd give our list for this year:

Azomite rock dust
Planters II rock dust
Kelp meal
Blood meal
Bone meal
Worm castings
Fish bone meal
Green sand
Soft rock phosphate

*Compost and alfalfa make up the bulk of the amendments and the others are applied in a much more limited amount. The procide both minerals and organic matter to keep the soil thriving.
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  1. Thank you for posting that!

  2. You're very welcome, Valerie. I hope they make a difference for you, too.


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