23 March 2011

Hey, howdy!

I think I must be feeling better -- I've been blogging and snapping "the perfect photo" in my dreams at night! Finding time during the day has been pretty difficult, though. (I'm blogging as I do my morning chores, while the boys are at the dojo.

As Rod has gotten healthier, all hope of my 'quiet mornings before the guys wake up' has faded into the far distance. Having my honey healthy is very much worth it. ;) He's feeling so much better that he has even ventured into the occasional night without his CPAP. That's much quieter than it once was, so maybe one day -- but for now, he still stops breathing which is way too scary.

I am pretty sure I mentioned that I had started taking an iodine supplement about four months ago. That has gone very, very well. When I'm not fighting corn toxicity, I feel much better. My hair has stopped thinning and I have a halo of two inch hairs growing in. And I don't need three cups of coffee just to start the day! One is more than enough. (Of course, after 30 years of needing at least three cups -and sometimes as much as 12 -- resisting the second and third cups isn't always successful, and for the first time since I was 12, I have been having a reaction to too much caffeine. Hmmm.)

I am now off the walker and even off the cane. I still occasionally feel the world rocking, and I still feel kind of breathless and wobbly (probably from the corn in the decongestant that I took to get past the worst of the ... corn reaction. Ironic, no?) but I'm functioning again. Thanks to the lovely young man at the compounding pharmacy, I hope never to get that sick again. I wasn't able to find a single decongestant that didn't contain some corn in one form or another, so he's making up a safe batch for me to keep on hand. If I can take that immediately on the first sign of ear congestion, I can probably keep the massive dizziness at bay. Better still to avoid the corn, but that's quite a trick. I keep encountering in places I thought were safe. (My favorite brand of dark chocolate suddenly has both milk powder and vanilla (corn) in it. Ick.)

I must be getting old. Most of my posting lately is about our various medical conditions. :(

Oh well, it was time I hit the shower anyway. The kitchen is clean(ish) the dishes are done and the laundry is washed. I have just enough time to scrub the old bod before the guys get home from their exertions.

Maye I'll get some great photos today and find something to talk about. :) See you tomorrow, I hope!

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