17 March 2011


The photo not withstanding, it seems spring has arrived. It got up to 65F or so today, the box elder beetles are getting aggressively annoying, and we have our seeds, so yes, spring is here.

Sadly, I haven't been well placed to appreciate it just yet. It's a pity--as I saw signs of spring approaching, I so wanted to get out there and capture the transformation for my 365 project.

On Monday, though, just before spring arrived in earnest, I got hit with the same overwhelming vertigo that made such a mess of my summer two years ago.

I called Rod to rescue me from work and then I barely made it to the ladies room in time to avoid making a real mess. I later had cause to ponder the fact that if there is any advantage to giving birth in a hospital, it is that it cleanly removes any modesty one may have harboured up until then. It came up as a knelt in the grassy median in front of Kroger and a whole lot of traffic, losing everything I had eaten to that point. Ick. But I noticed wrly that I felt sick, but not embarrssed.

At first I was worried that it would get as bad and go as long as it did in '09, but this time the queasiness was spaced to allow me to take something to clear the congestion in my ears. By Tuesday I was able to get around again. I am still on a walker when I leave the house, but I think the worst was over almost immediately.

Jack and I both wondered at about the same time whether this is some extreme reaction to corn. That's my suspicion since I had no signs of viral (or any other) infection.

However my pain is gone and I am recovering my balance, so if the small amount of corn in the medicine doesn't cause a setback, I hope to get back intom photography, blogging, and life tomorrow. (It's Ostara this weekend, so I have tomorrow off work.)

Good night everyone! <3


  1. Feel better soon!


  2. Hope it passes soon! It's true about hospital births and modesty. That part made me giggle.


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