21 March 2011


In looking over my attempts at photography over the last couple of weeks, I am struck that there is a reason I had been unable to get a usable shot.

I couldn't (can't) stand still. I sway a lot lately, as I spin with my head in an attempt to not fall over. And even when I am propped against a support, my hands are trembling.

So, as my head clears, perhaps I wil get better photos. (I hope.)
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  1. Between my swaying, and my children zooming, I never get decent shots. :)
    But I don't choose to lug around a tripod, so...

  2. Time to get a gyroscope stabilized monopod for those times you want to take a picture but keep falling over.

    I will get working on that right away.

    I can't take decent pictures regardless, probably because I keep forgetting to bring the camera.

  3. You get gorgeous photos, Stephanie! Lovely! And very creative! Makes me want to experience your life and your family and that's the whole point, isn't it? To record the wonder of it?

    Thanks, Mark but by the time you're ready. I'll be fine again. I hope to be fine again for the crystal fairyland we're expecting in the morning.

    Thanks, Valerie. You're so sweet!


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