09 March 2011

Still out...

I thought I'd be back by now. Sadly, I'm not.

Damned corn is everywhere and I am in so much pain I can barly walk.

Last week, after I switched back to the safe vitamins, I started to feel better -- and then I felt worse. Much worse.

Come to find out, two more of my "not from the doctor" vitamin tablets had corn in forms I am less familiar with.

Coincidently, my work computer was down most of the day yesterday and I spent a lot of time sitting at my desk, trying to stay (or at least look) busy while I waited for it to be repaired.

My eyes happened to alight on the corn toxin list I keep posted above my desk. (But don't use as often as I should.)

I had casually checked all of my vitamins when I discovered the corn in the vitamin D, but I didn't see any corn that I recognized in any of the others.

Yesterday, in gazing at the corn toxins list, I noticed a whole bunch of calcium sourced in corn -- including the one in the calcium tablet I have been taking. So, I checked more carefully. Come to find out, the garlic tablet also has an unfamiliar form of corn.

No wonder I hurt!

But I have stopped poisoning myself and I should feel better in the next three or four days and be able to get back to blogging and photography.

I'm glad I gave myself permission to get back on track with my 365 project if I missed some days. I'm a week behind, but if I give up, I stop learning. So, I am going to download the photos hiding on my camera and get back out there...as soon as I can walk without agony.

On the bright side of life, I have gotten some pictures of Sara and Corey. I am thrilled to have them and to see more of sweet Sarana -- and eager to print them up and start scrapbooking them!!

I hope to post more tomorrow - at least photos. If I can think clearly and stop whinging, maybe even a real post.

Meanwhile, I hope you have GREAT day!


  1. Yowza about the corn hiding in the vitamins. I wish our country had consistent allergen labeling laws. Sigh. Anyway, I am glad that you figured out the source of the problem!!! Feel better soon!!!!

    Corey's baby is ADORABLE!!!! :)

  2. Yeah, I sure wish we had clear labeling, too, Valerie. It would make life so much easier. We find avoiding gluten a snap, but corn gets me semi-regularly.

    Yeah, I think Sara is adorable, too. I wish I could hold her. :)


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