02 March 2011

Welcome, March! Glad you're back!

We just got word from Makita that she and Joel are expecting twins on September 18! Twins run in Makita's side of the family, so it's perhaps not as surprising as we first thought -- and since Makita's mother has been there, she probably has lots of good advice.

Being twins, and being as they are due before her 21st birthday, Rod and I are speculating that they'll come in August sometime. Hurray! Congratulations Joel and Makita (and Tjamu Rod!).

I'm a bit behind on the 365 project again-- I have taken a few photos, but the one I posted is the only usable one. That's the problem with trying to grab the occasional one as I rush from hither to yon -- most are out of focus and too dark. I'll have to really focus on that for the next few days. What I need to do is go for a walk at lunch time and get some unhurried photos while there is still light -- but I haven't been.

Meanwhile, I have started playing with Adobe Elements. Playing with the light and contrast really made the roots stand out in this one. I like that! Now I have to find some tutorials in written, not video, form.

The seed catalog is open and a gazillion pages are marked. We starting to get our order ready and plan this year's garden. I had planned to do a lot of winter sewing, but...oh well. In three weeks, I will start my seeds under lights -- now to decide what we'll start! (Exciting times!)

Oh, and to my close friends, my e-mail is down for the time being. I'll be back in a day or two. Meanwhile, try my gmail if it can't wait. ;)

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