02 February 2009

Happy Imbolg, everyone!

I'm a day late, but yesterday was a busy day. ;)

Saturday, Rod and jack went to make breakfast at a local women and children crisis center; we will probably be doing that regularly as a family. Then we took Grandpa John out to Calder's dairy farm to see all the picks and chickens and goats and peafowl, and cows and calves. Then we got to watch the cows being milked. I don't think I had ever seen that done with a milking machine before. It was *fast*! When I remember watching it done, grandpa did it by hand and that took a while. It was fascinating.

Yesterday, Rod spent the day at church for three choral performances. (We would have come for Imbolg, Em, we planned to had we been able to find out *when* you were expecting us...next time we have to plan ahead better!) While he was there, he got the OK for Jack to try out for the children's choir, even though he's technically a little too young. He has the main skills they're looking for, so if he is ready to learn to sing in parts, he'll be welcomed. He's so excited!

I am still very scattered, but recovering. Have you ever really looked around your home to assess it's readiness for the movers to show up NOW? It's an interesting exercise and having done it has changed the way I look at my possessions. I will be thinning them further over the next few months because if I don't use it, and I wouldn't move it...why clean it?

O am, however, thrilled to be headed back to work knowing I have "critical skills". *grin* Who doesn't like to be needed?

More later...

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