27 February 2009

The wonderful adventures of Nils...

As I mentioned yesterday, jack and I have been reading all about Nils Wonderful Adventures. I was deeply touched by this passage last night --it strikes me as so simply beautiful that I wanted to share it with you all.

"Just as the first spring-showers pattered against the ground, there arose such shouts of joy from all the small birds in groves and pastures, that the whole air rang with them and the boy leaped high where he sat. "Now we'll have rain. Rain gives us spring; spring gives us flowers and green leaves; green leaves and flowers give us worms and
insects; worms and insects give us food; and plentiful and good food is the best thing there is," sang the birds.

The wild geese, too, were glad of the rain which came to awaken the growing things from their long sleep, and to drive holes in the ice-roofs on the lakes. They were not able to keep up that seriousness any longer, but began to send merry calls over the neighbourhood.

When they flew over the big potato patches, which are so plentiful in the country around Christianstad--and which still lay bare and black--they screamed: "Wake up and be useful! Here comes something that will awaken you. You have idled long enough now."

When they saw people who hurried to get out of the rain, they reproved them saying: "What are you in such a hurry about? Can't you see that it's raining rye-loaves and cookies?"

It was a big, thick mist that moved northward briskly, and followed close upon the geese. They seemed to think that they dragged the mist along with them; and, just now, when they saw great orchards beneath them, they called out proudly: "Here we come with anemones; here we come with roses; here we come with apple blossoms and cherry buds; here we come with peas and beans and turnips and cabbages. He who wills can take
them. He who wills can take them."

Isn't that lovely? Doesn't it just bring spring alive?


  1. It is lovely!

    It puts me in mind of The Merry Little Breezes and wants me to cuddle in with a beautiful story...
    Maybe with some warm cookies???

  2. Oh, good point, Stephanie! I think it's time we visited with Lightfoot!! Such fun!


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