13 February 2009

Perques of aging...

I remember back when I was a kid...and a teen, and in my 20s, and and in my 30s ... I could sleep for 18 hours, get up for a cup of coffee, and go back to bed, exhausted.

People tried to tell me that it was because I slept too much, though I knew that getting up sooner just made it hurt worse. (I know now that I was hypothyroid.)

Back then, my Dad had the preternatural talent for waking up when he wanted to. If he decided to be up at 5am, he was awake at 4:59. If he decided to ""sleep in", he'd wake up later.

I was so amazed by that!!! But given that there wasn't enough sleep in all of time, I didn't figure I'd ever develop the skill.

When I was in my thirties, I was finally diagnosed and treated for my hypothyroid, and sleep became a pleasant interlude in a day that had plenty of time. I still *need* my sleep, but I find that I can get by on 7 or 8 hours as long as I get 9 or 10 hours once a week or so.

However, as I passed the half century mark, I discovered something truly remarkable. I am now able to decide what time to wake up -- and when that times comes, I will be awake! Most amazingly, that is true, even if it's only 7 hours after I got to bed! (I have never tried my luck on less sleep -- if I need to get up in 5 hours, I do still set an a alarm.)

It's really cool to be able to get up on time for meetings without waking the guys if they don't need to be up!

Oh, and Jack got a new set of thermal underwear yesterday -- bright red! He also got a new balaclava for under his hat on winter nature walks. Also bright red. And he got new socks a few days ago...again, he chose bright red. Guess what my little monster wore to bed last night...?

Yup -- red literally from top to toe! He looks so cute! Not unlike a muppet.

However, I have a 7:30 meeting today, so off I go to the shower and to wake my boys -- they need the car for the farm run today so they'll have to hit the ground running.

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