21 February 2009

One more thing to adore...

Rod is the kind of guy I admire. Actually, I wish in some ways that I were more like him.

He's the kind of guy who rather than say "I can't", figures out how.

As an example, rather than giving up when we discovered that no piano tuner would touch our Eavestaff Pianette, he took a year, researched everything he could find out about piano tuning, and then went a step further and learned how to *repair* the piano as well.

The piano is now strewn all over the parlour as he works on fixing the broken "G" key, and he has already determined that he can, indeed, tune the piano. He tuned one octave to his satisfaction before he decided to pull everything apart and really get the job done.

He's not fast. He is, however, thorough. When he declares it done, it will be as close to perfect as it can be. That has suddenly become important as we have discovered that Jack is serious about music. (Well, as serious as an almost six year old is about anything.) It frustrated him that no matter what he did, the piano was in suh poor tune that he couldn't reproduce what he heard on his Suzuki CDs, so he stopped playing -- but he continues to try to make music on everything he can get his hands on, so Rod got serious.

I am still not sure where this love for music comes from -- but if i can keep from getting in his way, I am all for that!

Midnight? How did that happen? I am off to bed.

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