12 May 2010

Almost done and gardening vacation is almost over.

The majority of the garden is in. We still need to put up the tomato stakes so the tomatoes can go in, and we still need to dig the strawberry patch and the squash and melon hills and plant those but for the most part, we're done.

Just as well. It's been a rainy two weeks, and by the forecast, I think some of the digging will have to wait.

But I do have some crafting to finish.

And we're almost done with our bedtime reading for the Egypt unit, so I'd like to start wrapping up the day work for that shortly and get ready to move on. Of course, one thing that is causing me some pause is that Rod would like to study ancient Asia, America, Europe, and Africa. GREAT idea. But I am finding it really challenging to find materials. I'm sure they MUST be out there...but where?

After that, the Classical Greeks, and finding that material is pretty easy. The harder part will be narrowing it down so we don't spent 18 months on Greece.

I have managed to stay toxin-free for pretty much this entire vacation, so last night I felt safe to test brown rice. (Sweet, with an apple, strawberry, and rhubarb compote on top) So far, so good. I may be able to add rice to my diet. That would be nice. I could have either quinoa or rice flours, which would open up quite a few options. (But meanwhile, I have been discarding all of my old vegetarian recipes from the 1980s, since they're all based in grains and beans and that seems not to be a viable option for my middle age.)

Bets news of all: Corey is planning to visit this summer! I am delirious with joy! I have not seen enough of that young man these last 10 years!


  1. WAIT! Don't throw out your old recipes! I've found that with each diet change I've had to make, eventually I figure out good ways of substituting for the things I've lost, so that I can keep on using my favorite old recipes. It's always fun to regain a lost recipe. :)

    Your house looks great!

  2. Hi, Valerie!

    In this case I don't think there is any salvaging the recipes. They are based on grains with beans and I can't have either in any amount. Fortunately, they weren't really favorites. Just as well. ;)


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