26 May 2010

Update May 25

Very, very late.

Linda just left -- we gardened until dark and then had dinner. *bliss*

But now, I'd best leave you to peruse Jack's take on our yard (I hadn't realized how pretty tat spot was!) and my crafting for the last few hours...

Valerie, I wish I had the luxury of feeling violated, really. This has been happening with monotonous regularity since it warmed up. *grrr* Thhe first time, I felt violated. Now I'm just grumpy. I plan to 'get a pit bull'. Duke might give our malicious visitor pause.

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  1. Wow. Do you really want to permanently own a pit bull? I wonder if you could borrow one for a few weeks. Though it does sound like this is a longer-term issue than that.

    Sigh...... What is wrong with people that they burgle houses and cars and stuff???? Grrrr!


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