11 May 2010

Today's progress

Today's projects went pretty well.

We got the tomato trench in. The plants are not big enough yet to withstand "chuck the ground og" and his cousins the rabbits and squirrels, so they'll hang out in pots on the wagon until they're bigger. That also means we can scoot them into the garage if the nigt is expected to be cold. There will be hills of squash and melons along the fence beside the tomatoes, too.
The main garden is completely in. Linda is not just a gardener, but also an artist. and she arranged things so that as the garden matures, we'll have a blended work of art. That serves several purposes: it's lovely! It's maximizes the use of the available sun light, and it mixes things up enough so that a large amount of one plant don't send out a homing beacon to every pest in the county.

The straw in the photo shows the walking paths throug the garden -- we have pretty intensive land use going and our hopes for a big harvest are high.
We got the first extra layer on to the potatoes, too. Not much to see there, though.
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  1. WOW!!! That garden looks FABULOUS!!!!!


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