14 May 2010

Today's Adventures

I woke up with the insight that the tiny "gardens" in front of the garage need more colour. I decided that, in honour of our furry neighbors (and in hopes that they'd be far more attractive than tomatoes and squash) I'd give red cabbages a try.

They're kind of "blah" now, but if they get a chance to grow, they'll be lovely. If not, they're cheap and the rabbits will be happy for a few days.
We also got three new beds in. Both the strawberry/raspberry/rhubarb permanent bed (at the back) and, after much lively debate and analysis, the two squash and melon beds toward the front. We needed to be sure to get maximum room in the beds while being sure not to crowd the tomatoes or strawberries. We opted for two beds of four plants each. If that actually leaves a lot of room to spare, we can add a bed next year.
Oh, and in other good news, I have been able to stay "clear" long enough to give brown rice a real test. It seems that, at least in controlled amounts and not too often, I can add brown rice to the menu. That means I can have rice bread...and that means that BLTs are OK this summer! Hurrah!!!

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