16 May 2010

Lessons Learned

I decorated a shirt for Jack to wear to chess club. I learned a few very important things in the process:
1) Make sure the shirt is done a few days ahead. especially if the shirt wasn't his idea. (You should have seen the *other* expressions I got -- he was impatient to get moving and I was fussing.)
2) Yes, you do have to cut out the pictures. Really. You do.
3) Always print in landscaper format because it *isn't possible* to remove the backing from any picture that doesn't include the middle, where the only score is.

I like the shirt, though.
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  1. Jack doesn't look very excited in that picture, but I like the shirt.

  2. No, no he wasn't; he was irritated with me for delaying his departure. He'd have left at 10am for a 1 pm club meeting if he could. ;)


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