08 May 2010

The Book Exchange

Round six of the book exchange has begun. I delivered the tub of infant and baby books this evening.

One thing that splitting the exchanges between baby and child books has made clear is that while there is some interest in baby books, there isn't a lot. Rod suspects that with two exchanges split, we may actually get a lot more interest than we did before.

After all, the period of interest in baby books is very short. If you know that it's been taking 18 months for the books to make their rounds, you pretty much want to join the exchange as soon as you know you're pregnant to be sure you'll still need them when they arrive.

With fewer people interested, the baby books should be done with their rounds within six months. I'll send out a call again when they get back. If I get at least five or six families that are interested, I can continue. Otherwise, I may just donate all the baby books unless someone else wants to take over that side. Every six months is about as often as I can see taking the job on.

The bigger kids books will take longer to prepare, since there are far more families who want the books, and so making the list will take longer, sorting it by area, so folks aren't driving all over the place to participate, takes a little longer, too. But then I won't see the books again for at least a year and the contents will have turned over almost completely.

I am seeing more chapter books show up now, too, so a chapter kids exchange may replace the baby books (or add another tub) next round. Truth be told, those are the books that interest us most these days, anyway.

Now, I sould be pulling the rotation list together. Maybe after dinner. ;)
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