05 May 2010

May 5 Update

Today was spent almost entirely in gardening.

Linda and I got vast amounts done - two beds are completely dug and the third is started. The potatoes and onions are in, the greens and cruciferous veg are in, the carrots and radishes are in, the beets, beans, and peas are started. We still intend to put in pumpkin, eggplant, peppers, sunflowers, turnips, rutebega, and a host of other things, if we can work out where to tuck them.

We have a plan for the third bed -- tomatoes, squashes, and strawberries.

That will bring the total garden space to about 900 square feet.

I'm pretty excited. I also hope that my avaricious little heart will be content with these gardens next year. Surely, done correctly, 900 square feet should be plenty.

I think part of my eagerness is that some of my favorite plants tend to take over lots and lots of space -- zucchini, tomato, and butternut love to spread out, which has crowded out slower growing neighbors in previous years. With such a long list of vegetables, it's temptiong to keep expanding.

Note to self: For future reference, I am using manure, alfalfa, mushroom compost, Planters II, Azomite, green sand, bone meal, blood meal, kelp meal, peat, and leaf compost pretty evenly across all the beds this year.

Then, as the storms blew in and closed down our gardening project, Linda went out foraging and brought home a bracket mushroom, which we sauted with onion and garlic to add to our lunch.

I harvested some chives, garlic chives, and oregano to add to the salad while Rod made a lovely, horseradish flower enhanced smoothie with berries, peaches, and kombucha. It was yummy! (though the mushroom was too mature and had gotten really tough.)

But so much healthy food made my hungry for potato chips, so we had that for desert.

Tomorrow is Jack's birthday, so we'll be taking a gardeniong break. Speaking of which, I owe the boy a cinnamon chocolate mud cake.

Good night everyone!
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