28 January 2009

I will be back -- truly!

Ironically, my head is stuffed to overflowing with blog posts, and I find that I just don't have time to sit down and write them.

I have been very, very busy at work -- working overtime whenever there isn't some pressing after-work obligation. (That happens when the same amount of work has to be done by a shrinking staff. This is an excellent opportunity from my perspective, but it does have its demands.) We make and eat dinner and the day is gone.

In between times, when I do sit down to write, I have been plugging away at units three and four for Jack. The guys are very nearly done with Unit 2, and I had postponed work on any further lessons until Rod was able to discuss what we needed to add, subtract or change with some real experience under his belt. But now, I think we're on our way. Of course, not only do I need to write the lesson, I also need to find the supplementary resources (and occasionally write them.)

So, I'll be back when the lessons are written and life slows down for a few minutes. (Mercury is direct by the end of the week, I think, and that should help.)

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