18 January 2009

Quick update -- back soon...

My apologies for the silence. Just about the last thing that you heard, I was very ill.

I am much better now, but after a day of vomiting and a week of nausea, during which I wasn't able to keep my medications down, I am having some thyroid level troubles.

I'm coping fine, even though work has been insanely busy - - but I have little energy left for blogging right now. I am hoping that as I get my thyroid levels up where they belong, I will feel inspired again.

A brief report, though. The snow has been marvelous!

We have had as much snow so far this year as we have had all winter in recent years -- and the paper announced that it was "Break out the pina coladas: The brunt of the latest snowstorm and viciously cold temperatures is over, and the mercury is expected to climb to a balmy 24 today." (That would be -4 C).

The Swedes are fond of saying that there is no bad weather, just bad clothes. So far, I would agree. We're having a blast! (Though I am not looking forward to the heat bill next month.)

More soon...


  1. I agree with the Swedes! Must be the Minnesotan in me. Here's to hoping you are back to feeling like yourself soon!

  2. This is isaac...i think you are right Gina


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