29 January 2009


Well, hasn't our life been turned upside down!?!?!
But our decision is made. We always knew that we intended to move to Australia. That has been the deal since the very beginning. But I think we always assumed it would be a slow process of saving and planning and saying "it's time".

Ha! When has Mother ever let things happen that way in my life? The big things are *always* a shock, somehow.

Realistically, we have to look at the fact that our livelihood is based in an industry that is dying. It will probably make a comeback, but that doesn't mean we would be able to weather the storms intact, and Michigan is not a good place to be looking for work right now. I believe things will get worse before they get better, and perhaps the best thing we can do is to become one less strain on the local economy.

So, we wrote our goodbye notes last night and we will start preparations today to move to Australia in six weeks or so.

Know anyone who wants to buy a really great house?


  1. Wow! That is exciting and frightening all at the same time! Life is like that though. We make plans that we think will be gradual and then "wham" some life event occurs that makes the change nearly instant instead of gradual. Layoffs are abounding here too and I am hoping against hope that it does not mean the loss of any friends due to moves. Best of luck to you and yours during this transition. I hope to be reading your new "Australian blog" in a few months. :) Just last night I was telling my son we may have to pick yours and Rod's brains about some Australian/Aboriginal info.

    Thinking of you,

  2. Isn't working with a company like Pudential Relocation part of the relocation deal?


  3. Thanks, Gina...stand by for more information ... once we have concerete facts. Mercury retrograde has bits us again.

    I'm afraid there is not "relocation deal, Dana. The separation package is ours to use as we will...and we choose to relocate to where the economy is better even though the weather sucks. ;)

    Then again...as I told Gina, stand by. There may be more to this tale yet.


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