17 October 2010

*I* enjoy project based homeschooling. I love making up costumes similar to the ones worn in the historical period we're studying, putting together historically and culturally authentic snacks, and making artifacts associated with the era.

Sadly, Jack just thinks it strange for the most part. I'm thinking that perhaps I should hide the project books from myself for a while. No more mummified chickens, no more historically and culturally accurate snacks, no more costumes or hand made artifacts.

If we had other kids to play along maybe -- he really enjoyed it when Corey joined us in creating Ahnks.

Maybe find someone who would like to join us for a one-day adventure every so often. Both Connor and Myra like some aspects of the project based things...the catch is finding time to do it.

We had a good day yesterday!

We got a bit more work done on the reorganization of the upstairs and I think I may have found a way of relieving the clutter on my craft table. Maybe.

Then we went out for a long glorious day at the zoo with John. John positively glowed and seemed to be having a wonderful time, and Jack and I sure were!

Almost as good as the smiles on Jack and John's faces, Rod didn't hurt! He was able to charge around the zoo with the rest of us rather than plodding painfully along behind us! And as an added bonus, when I tested my blood sugar afterward (thanks, Mark!), my usual "200 no matter what I do" was a quite acceptable 115. I know what I need to do is more walking -- but finding the time has been very difficult. Must. Try. Harder.

Today is raspberry and apple picking. Or maybe just raspberry, since the organic apples we can find are north of Lansing (almost a two hour drive away).

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