18 October 2010

What a weekend!

A photo essay, in the style inspired by Stephanie, of Ordinary Life Magic. Stephanie, your writing always makes me feel so good about life -- thanks!

Our weekend started with a trip to the zoo with Grandpa John on Saturday. We all had a blast!

October is the best time for a trip to the zoo, because it's warm, but not to warm, and there are people, but not too many people.

Then, on Sunday, we picked raspberries. Jack said he could "pick berries forever", and Rod and I both found it meditative and deeply satisfying, too.

In two hours, we picked 12 quarts. Those we will use to make fresh ice cream and smoothies all winter.
And then we picked pumpkins ...to be roasted up and frozen for winter use, too.
We had a chance to greet the Cat in Charge. Very impressive.

And then we went home and made raspberry ice cream. :)
Happy Smiths.

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