15 October 2010

Writing a curriculum for a truly personalized homeschool education

I wanted to let you know (you being folks wandering in from search engines) that this essay has been updated and is now published here.  That's where new discoveries will be published.

A year and a half ago, I started a series about how to write a homeschool curriculum. Parts two and four fell into the bit bucket, and I couldn't find them ... but I kept getting hits on that first section.

So today I have posted a revised, one part edition at
It's well over 6,000 words -- and I have no way of changing all the links people seems to have posted over the last year, so I put it back in the archives. If it's of interest to you, you can find it at the link.

I would especially welcome comments adding any reosurces you know about.

For every one else ... I'll try to post soon. :)

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