10 October 2010

What a day!

I woke up this morning with BIG plans!

Gone were fantasies of heading out with the camera and grabbing "the perfect autumn portrait". I had a plan! I slept in and hit the ground bouncing.

The plan, as agreed with Jack, was an hour of computer time, then our weight training workout, then a couple of hours of school, then we'd clean the kitchen and parlour a bit...and then we will craft for a couple of hours!

We got in an over-enthusiastic weight training session, in which I felt strong as Atlas...but pooped out before the entire set of repetitions was over for every exercise but one. I thought I wasn't doing well -- tonight, I think I may have actually worked harder than usual and gotten more exercise from fewer reps than I was getting before. *groan*

The we did an hour of Greek vocabulary -- which we combined with writing practice by making up some of the cards we'll need for our Greek game later.

Then Jack took a half hour to read quietly from his Aliki Gods and Goddesses of Olympus, after which we studied World religions, staring with what is religion and finishing with an overview of Judaism. I was mildly startled that Jack was able to pick one of the characters from a novel we read while studying Egypt as being Jewish. He was absolutely correct!

Next we started on a long overdue mucking out of the parlour. We got the hard part done, but we're only really about half-way through. Still, it feels lots better in there.

We had to break for a delightful Sunday chicken dinner that Rod made while I plowed ahead on the new year cleaning project ... then I prepared the kitchen to be cleaned in the morning (which, due to insomnia from cramping tummy muscles and legs, may not happen after all.)

Oh, and in there, I managed to almost catch up with a week's unwashed laundry.

Things we didn't get to:
* we ran out of cards for our Greek game, but we didn't get out to find more
* we didn't get to the library to pick up the Shakespeare videos
* we didn't get the kitchen any cleaner
* we didn't find an answer to the bookshelf problem. Mark has offered to help build us a shelf and I think that's what we'll do -- eventually.
* we didn't find an answer to world peace
* we didn't pick raspberries or apples to preserve for winter
* we didn't do any crafting. Oops.

So, I guess the rest of that is tomorrow's plan.

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