23 October 2010

Our Street's Repairs

This blog post is about our street being torn up. Now, we thought our street was perfect, but apparently the government didn't, so here are some photos of the construction work.
We got a note from the government that it would happen on that day.
The first thing I saw was some BIG trucks outside. It surprised me at first but then I remembered that we were having constructions works here and I said "Oh! OK" and I started to have a show. I had a nectarine at the time, so I went outside to have a nectarine and a show.
Then I went back inside so Dad could have a show as well. He said that cameras would be a nice thing if we were going to have a show. Our friends would like to have a show out of action. Then we got the cameras and we took a few photos, as you can see above and below.
I know this is a very short blog post, but this is the end of my blog post.


  1. Hi Jack!

    They re-paved my family's street two years ago. I didn't think my street needed it either. I wish they had waited another year or two, because my son Corbin was a baby, too young to appreciate having such a good view of road construction. Now he is almost three. He is a very big fan of construction. I think he would love getting to watch our road being repaved now.

    Oh well. At least I took pictures. Someday I can show them to him and see what he thinks. :)


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