26 October 2010

Pondering ...

I was harassing my baby brother about a site for his company -- he's a personal trainer and owns a gym in Waco.

I ended up offering to create one for him. And host it at our domain, at least for a while.

And that got me thinking; maybe I should host Chez Smiffy at my own domain.

I don't know yet. I'm not particularly web savy and I'm not sure how hard it would be.

As it is, I have to wait for Rod to post page updates over there. We're still waiting to post the curriculum for Unit 4 an d we're halfwaty through Unit 5. So...maybe not a good idea. Or maybe I could get more edumacated and then post my own silly updates.

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  1. Not that you asked me, but... I vote for learning how to do it yourself -- it seems likely to be a skill that will be helpful many times in the future. It's the old, "Give a person a fish and feed her for a meal. Teach a person to fish and feed her for a lifetime." I think you should learn to fish! :)

  2. Downloading WordPress now. Tonight an FTP client.


  3. Go Fisherwoman Misti!!!

  4. Well, this is going well. My first offical act as Fisherwoman Misti was to inadvertently lock myself out of WordPress. Oops.


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