30 October 2010

A trip to the zoo, officially off insulin, and more!

We had an insanely busy day yesterday, but it was fun!
We started at 6am, so that we could be ready to hit the road by 8. (Jack is still marveling at that. He generally thinks 9am is early.)

After breakfast we headed out to the other side of town, where I had a doctor appointment. That's less than a mile from the farm coop pickup point and the beginning of Rod and Jack's usual Friday circuit. So, while I was at the doctor's office, they ran out and picked up some of the groceries we needed. We didn't want to do a full shop, because that takes hours--and we had BIG plans! ;)

I had asked the doctor for a prescription refill for my insulin, but looking over my numbers, he said that he really doesn't think I need to be on insulin, so I am now officiall off insulin! Hurrah! I managed my diabetes for eleven years without medicine or insulin, but about four years ago, my control started to slip even as I did all the usual things to try and control it and I added first medicine and then insulin. It seems that leaving grains behind may have played a role in making unmedicated control possible again. I am starting iodine therapy to see if I can get my goiter reduced and maybe (just maybe) get off synthetic thyroid hormone, too. It would be sooo good to be medicine free after taking meds of one kind or another since I was eight! Finally, we initiated the next step in curing my rosacea. I'll write that up shortly.

After the guys picked me up from the doctor's office, we went to the farm coop and picked up our milk and then headed over to pick up Grandpa John for a trip to the zoo!

Since we got an early start, it was a long, lovely, relaxed trip. We had the time to stop to snack on fruit and nut bars, and later potato chips with soft garlic and herb cheese for a dip. But after a few hours, we were all pretty tired and hungry, so at closing time, John invited us to have dinner with him.

We went for what is probably our last trip to John's favorite restaurant. I don't know whether John realizes that or not. We didn't talk about it. But we had a wonderful last hurrah. Next weekend, we'll visit him again at his new digs.

And then ... just to make the day a real landmark day, Jack asked to sleep in his own bed for the very first time. He stayed there all night, so i think the transition has begun. It made today remarkable relaxing, too, because I was able to stretch out and relax all night.

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  1. Being off insulin is good! Glad to hear you have the diabetes back under control.


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