28 December 2010


Jack love affair with his camera was at risk of stillbirth. He was having a great deal of trouble getting photos that were recogniozable because mostr of his attempts were in low light, which although it was light enough for photos, was causing his exposure time to last longer than his abiulity to hold still.

I was kind of concerned, because showing him that his camera could do it and it was going to takle practice could backfire and give him the impression that he lacks what it takes to take good photos.

During dinner, I was struck with an idea.

Jack needs light and he needs subjects that don't move. Oh, and a way to help himself hold the camera very still.

So I pulled out my grow lights and we set up his knights to take "tableu" photos on the table.
It kept him busy for over an hour and I get the impression that he got some that pleased him. Tomorrow he wants to work with his dinosaurs -- and I will look into how the settings work on my camera work so may be I can get some "arty" shots once in a while.

Together, we will get good with our cameras -- and we'll have fun together! Can't beat that!
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