27 December 2010

Visual meditations

So many of the beautiful old houses that are (or were) in this neighborhood have been abandoned.

They were once gorgeous, and you can still see that, but they were too big to afford and maintain as the neighborhood went downhill. And so, one by one, they were abandoned and one by one they are being torn down.

I want to capture their beauty before they're all gone.

So, during our errands yesterday, we stopped by a lovely old Saltbox on Holmes Road that I have admire for years. All three of us tromped around in the waning light, capturing what we thought of as the most beautiful or interesting part of the house.
And I hope to have more visual meditations, at least over the course of this, my week off.
I do wonder why this seems like such a good idea now, when it's so bloody cold out there! But then, if it were warmer, I'd be gardening.

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