10 December 2010

I got this note from a homeschooling friends of mine, whose daughter is raising money for Heifer International.

If you'd like to help her our, just follow the link in her letter below and buy some soap. It's inexpensive and would make a cute stocking stuffer, and the money goes to a good cause -- helping the poor to help themselves!

As some of you already know Rhianna is raising money to help feed hungry families around the world. Most people who donate this gift basket do so with the help of their school, church or scout groups.

As a homeschooler, she is doing this pretty much on her own and really needs our support. She wrote the following email to ask for your help.

I will be posting pictures of her actually making the soap at my blog (hopefully by Friday). To see them just use the link she provides and click on "blog" in the sidebar.

Thanks in advance,

Gina Guzman


Hello Friends and Family,

I, Rhianna, need your help with my fundraiser. My goal is to get a
"Knitter's Basket" from Heifer International, which is one Angora
Rabbit, one sheep, one alpaca and one llama. The entire basket is $480,
although if we don't raise the entire amount we should be able to get at least a few shares of it, each share costing $48.

Questions & Answers
Because I'm better at explaining things in lists.

What is Heifer International?
Heifer International gives poor families around the world livestock to
raise, breed, gather animal products from and sell. For more you can
visit Heifer's website, http://www.heifer.org/

Where can I buy the soap?
You can order it at my mom's online store, or you can place your order through my mom's email, taliesin3 (at) comcast (dot) net.

I want to help you, but I don't want to buy soap.
That's okay as I will also be sending an email about Read to Feed, which is another Heifer International fundraiser.

I have a question, but it isn't on this list.
Then you can just reply with your question in an email.

Why soap?
Well, one, because soap's easy and quick, and two because it's rather hard to put plastic animals in candles because it's not transparent and it would probably melt the plastic. The animals all reprisent the animals Heifer gives to families, although we had to substitute and not include some, such as horses instead of donkeys and there are no bees and camels and water buffalo.

I want to support you but I don't want to spend any money. Is there
any way I can help?
Yes you can. If you happen to have any small plastic animals around the
house, you can send them here in order to make more soap, or you can
tell your friends and family to buy soaps through my mom's online store!

Thank you,

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