25 December 2010

Day three off...relaxation sets in...

I've been off for three full days now and I am starting to feel really relaxed. So relaxed that at 6:45 or so, I was ready for bed. (I'm quite sure it wasn't a matter of an overfull belly from the feast. No, really!)

On Thursday, we rushed around getting organized for our private Solstice celebration -- Rod shopped, then I shopped, then Rod went to choir practice and Jack and I shopped. It was exhausting, but fun for the most part. I was appalled at the inferior quality of the clothes I saw for sale. I wanted to get Jack a bathrobe and pajamas and couldn't find any that weren't flimsy and made of polyester. Clearly I don't know where to shop!

Yesterday, our friend Sari came over and brought her delightful children, Nadia and Aiden, over to play with Jack. We had a lovely chat, the little folks played, we had lunch, and the we spent some time drawing with the children.

All the while Sari captured our play with her camera. She's very talented! Don't you agree? I was feeling kind of sluggish and frumpy, but you'd never guess it from the lovely photos she captured.

Later that evening, Rod went to his last performance with the choir while Jack and I Today we had a very quiet day. We stayed in our pajamas until midday, we opened our solstice gifts and made our feast, read our new books and we played. We even watched one of Jack's new movies (Journey to the Center of the Earth) over dinner. We all proclaimed it even more interesting than the original Verne. If nothing else, the guide was prettier and the youngster wasn't quite such a twit. (We got the 2008 Brenden Frasier version -- is it me, or does Frasier look like a man with serious allergy issues?)

Jack got a new, "grownup" camera (a little purple Vivitar Vivicam 5022) and he's been experimenting with it. As always, it's interesting to see the world as Jack sees it -- and he may be adding his own photos to his occasional blog posts if he starts getting photos he really likes. (But he says the BEST present is the mounted knight Dad got for him.)

Rod got me a new food grinder and then spent much of the afternoon figuring out how to use it without destroying the counter tops. Success! He attached it to a piece of plywood and attached that to our trusty folding table. It was quite stable and did a terrific job of making a nice fine, even grind of walnut meal. Next experiment: sausage!

And Rod didn't really get any big gifts, just a couple of books by Kepler, over which he seems inordinately pleased, and some warm socks and thermal underwear. He's a funny guy -- I've spent far more in both time and money to far less effect. But I'm glad he's happy.

Tomorrow: thank you notes! :)

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  1. Misti, I didn't even know you weren't feeling great that day! You guys are awesome. Thanks for posting our pictures in your special blog :) Love you all.


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